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Individual Psychotherapy (Adults, Teens, and Children)
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy 
Group Therapy 

Individual sessions (45 minutes (one therapeutic hour))
Couples and Family (60-75 minutes)
Group Therapy (75 minutes)
    Current Groups Include:
            - Autism Spectrum Disorder Support Group for Parents and Families
            - SIDS and Vaccine-Reaction Support Group for Parents 
            - Grief Group - Adults
            - Grief Group - Teens
            - Eating Disorder Support & Education Group for Parents
            - Substance Abuse
                    - Education Group for Teens 
                    - Support Groups for Parents of a Child Abusing Substances
            - Internet Safety for Children - Parents Group
            - Bulling & Cyber-Bullying:
                    - Support Group for Children & Teens
                    - Support Group for Parents
            - Pre-Marital Group (Group of 3-5 couples Preparing for Marriage)
            - Anger Management Group
                    - Teens
                    - Adults

Forms of Payment Accepted:
Cash, Check, Credit Card, and PayPal 

12-Week Pre-Marital Therapy Program
Dr. Lori has structured a 12-week and 8-week private and group therapy program for couples preparing for marriage. Pre-marital counseling is an integral part of preparing for life together past the wedding day. A certificate is granted upon completion of the 12-week program. Assessments are given to locate strengths and weaknesses, and find solutions for compatibility in all applicable areas of marital commitment.
Assessments are based on Dr. John Gottman's empirically-tested and evidence-based treatments for couples known as Gottman Couples Therapy, a heralded technique amongst marriage & family therapy professionals.

Formal Assessment of the Following Are Offered:
- Child & Adult Depression
- Autism Spectrum Disorder Consult
- Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Children and Teens
- Internalization and Externalization in Children, Teens, and Adults

*Assessments are offered as an adjunct to sessions and are of additional cost. Ask for more information.